Happy women’s day to all women in the world in particular, those in policing, army, justice and others that professions were traditionally reserved to men. We are the warriors, we are the King women, we are the one who solve problems from different angles. We are the one who make the world a safer place. Let us continue working hard as more progress need to be done for women rights. It is the moment to pay tribute to the strong women that path the way to us. Whereever you are, please be proud. We continue the fight against all gender based discriminations and will leave a better world to the future generations.
As an Expert in Digital Law, I could not be more proud about the topic this year. Actually, new technology and innovation impact our work and bring new challenges. Women in policing should invest and train themselves in the new technology to be efficient and more effective.
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage young girls to join us so that together we face the new challenges that our world is facing.

Happy day to all of you.

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